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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

"Rose has been my go-to for three years now. She has consistently helped my pain throughout that time and that has brought on positive change in my life. Not only does she help me physically by unlocking my neck and back but she has helped me to understand my body more. The emotional is not overlooked either. Rose listens and in turn so do I. I listen closer to my body and heart and I feel a stronger ability to react to what I notice. Rose walks alongside my healing journey and for that I am immensely grateful."

- Carly, Manawatū NZ

What is Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy? 

BCST is a non-invasive, light-touch whole-body therapy which originated within osteopathy and can be a powerful, yet gentle holistic treatment to support your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional well-being. 

There is no manipulation or force. Through interfacing with your nervous system, fascia, fluids and vital energies within the body, BCST works co-operatively with the body’s innate intelligence and capacity for self-healing and helps you step into a more conscious relationship with your body.

BCST offers unconditional ‘active listening’ to subtle patterns and rhythms in the body, which can create a shift that helps activate the body’s self-healing mechanisms via deep relaxation.

It can offer an opportunity to resolve deeply-held trauma and long-term issues without being overwhelmed or re-traumatised. This occurs at your own pace, safely directed by you and your body’s intelligence. 

In BCST, one of the first things we ask through our hands and mind is “Where’s the health in this body?” rather than “What’s wrong?”  This can offer you the possibility of telling a new story from a new perspective. We can value the clever ways the body has found to manage and contain the impacts of life experiences until we have the resources to resolve them.

What can BCST do for me? 

We experience more of what we focus on, and reinforce it with our thoughts and beliefs. While the ‘bad news’ is often loud and easy to perceive, with BCST we can shift our focus and help our nervous system to perceive more ‘good news’.

One of the goals of BCST is to help you become more present. Many of our issues can be based on past events, or worrying about what might happen in the future, and a lot of us tend to live in our heads. Learning to feel safe, in the present, in our body, can have far-reaching benefits. When we can be present in our body, in relationship with it, healing can take place more easily.

BCST supports and enhances your ability to self-regulate and maintain homoeostasis physically, mentally and emotionally. It helps the information and communication systems in the body to work better. When your self-regulation is working well, you can be more embodied, feel more resourced, more present and resilient. 

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy may be beneficial in supporting:

  • Healing after injury (acute or chronic) or surgery,

  • Muscular and joint aches and pains,

  • Headaches, jaw, back and neck problems,

  • Healthy digestion, menstruation and breathing,

  • Energy levels, concentration, sleep,

  • Embodied integration of counselling and related therapies

  • Managing the impacts of stress and much more...


BCST can also be used proactively as part of your self-care, also to support integration of life changes and talk therapies, or the shifts made during personal and spiritual development.

What to expect from a BCST session

A BCST treatment provides an environment for you and I to listen in the stillness to what your body is telling you.  At the initial consultation there will be a brief discussion of your medical history and what brought you to the clinic. You will usually lie on a treatment table fully-clothed with a blanket covering you if required. 


With your permission I make contact with your body through light touch. A frequent starting point is the feet, moving to the back, shoulders or head as guided.  It’s a very light touch and my hands don’t move. Sometimes I may be at the feet for the whole session.


I maintain a warmly neutral attitude and rather than impose a treatment plan from the outside, I encourage your system to set the priorities of the session and make its own natural adjustments.  I do this via ‘listening’ to patterns in the tissues and fluids of the body through therapeutic touch and presence, informed by an understanding of anatomy and physiology. The body really responds to being ‘heard’ in this unconditional, totally accepting manner.  Verbal conversation is usually also part of the process, because your feedback is important as a way for you to participate and ensure you feel safe.  Sometimes there are no words.


During the session you may feel a range of sensations such as tingling, buzzing, twitching, heat or coolness, awareness of shapes and patterns in the body. Each person’s experience can be quite unique. Sometimes you may feel big or small movements or adjustments taking place, or sometimes you may feel nothing much. Memories, insights or emotions may arise; you may experience stillness, a deep meditative state, or simply feel more relaxed than before. Any or all of the above is normal and is welcomed as part of the healing process.

How many sessions will I need?

This can vary greatly according to your unique healing process, depending on many factors such as how long the issue has been present and how well resourced you are. As a general guideline, 3-8 sessions can often bring about noticeable changes, while more may be needed. Sometimes relief is obtained in one session. It’s often a case of ‘working through the layers’. There is no limit to how many sessions you may have for ongoing maintenance and support.


For more information about BCST click here 

In person treatments are offered in my cosy clinic room in Central Wellington on Wednesdays

Book yourself in for a restorative one hour session to ease your aches, release tension and find your calm.

Adults 1 hour session $90

Payment terms: prior to, or on the day of your appointment by cash or NZ internet banking transfer

Notice of cancellation or rebooking is required at least 24 hours before your appointment

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